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Trendy Alcohol Tag Lines May Be Trivializing Alcoholism

Trendy Alcohol Tag Lines May Be Trivializing Alcoholism…
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What Happens to my Brain During a Blackout?

Alcohol-induced amnesia, more commonly referred to as “blacking…
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Alcohol Use Disorder: What’s next?

Treating My Alcohol Use Disorder Typically alcohol abuse…
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A mental health disorder or a substance abuse…
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Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance abuse and addiction can mask a mental…
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“Game of Thrones” Star Kit Harington Checks into Rehab

The tabloids have been buzzing about Kit Harington,…
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Working in the Food Industry with an Addiction

Whether it is chopping fresh vegetables, picking out…
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Oxytocin as Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

"Scientists at Scripps Research and National Institute on…
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Street Names for Commonly Abused Drugs

Drug abuse has plagued the American continent since…
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Borderline Personality Disorder Linked With Drug Addiction

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a complex and…
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