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Do I have a Marijuana Addiction?

Cannabis or marijuana is the most commonly used…
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A mental health disorder or a substance abuse…
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Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance abuse and addiction can mask a mental…
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Working in the Food Industry with an Addiction

Whether it is chopping fresh vegetables, picking out…
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Street Names for Commonly Abused Drugs

Drug abuse has plagued the American continent since…
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Impact of Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Substance abuse and alcohol abuse affects every facet…
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National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) runs…
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National Drug and Alcohol Week Jan 22-28 2018

National Drug and Alcohol Week is an awareness…
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Teenage Addiction and Self-Harm: Co-occurring Disorders

Nonsuicidal self-injury disorder, better known as self-harm, is…
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When Typical Teenager Behavior Becomes Troubled Teenager Behavior

As teenagers begin to assert their independence and…
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