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5 Things You Can Do To Manage Stress

This blog offers five tips for managing stress (physical activity, nourishment, technology, creativity and social support) along with insights and expertise…

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Is Anxiety a Disorder?

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress and can manifest in many ways, including fear, uneasiness, or a “pit at…

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Woman standing in forefront while male coworkers talk about her in the background
Adult Bullying: A Link to Mental Health Issues

Today, bullying does not just happen on the playground and in the classroom among children and adolescents. Our society is now…

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Symptoms of an anxiety attack, what are the symptoms of anxiety attack, anxiety attack symptoms
Symptoms of An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attacks are often interchangeably used with the term “panic attack,” and although they do share similar characteristics, symptoms of an…

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define anxiety
Defining Panic Disorder and Define Anxiety

Defining Panic Disorder and Define Anxiety Studies have shown that approximately 2%-6% of adults in the United States will be diagnosed…

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Children’s Mental Health During the Holidays

Updated on 12/05/23 The holidays can be exciting, especially for children. Presents, desserts, decorations, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all kinds of…

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Five Self-Care Tips to Maintain Mental Health During the Summer

The warmth, relaxation and flexibility that the summer months bring can be exciting for vacations and sunshine, but for some, summer…

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How Can I Treat my Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety disorders can be treated with a combination of pharmacological therapy and psychotherapy. Studies have shown that when used in combination…

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avoidant personality disorder
Do I have Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Many individuals are characterized by specific personality traits from joyous and extroverted to introverted, brash, bubbly and solemn. Personality traits become…

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Causes of Anxiety Disorders: Why Me?

Why Do I Have Anxiety Disorder? Approximately 18% or 40 million adults are affected by an anxiety disorder each year in…

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