Long Beach, CA


Virtual treatment available: DMA outpatient programs can also be accessed via online telehealth services.

This facility serves adolescents of all genders who struggle with mental health issues. The homelike setting includes three bedrooms and three baths, creating an atmosphere in which counselors can focus on supporting young individuals in learning how to manage their emotional struggles in healthy and appropriate ways by developing skills to cope with their urges for high-risk behaviors.

The program utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and physical activities which reinforce emotional regulation and awareness. Parents are included in some therapy sessions and the program provides for multi-family groups and visitation on weekends to support both our patients and their families in achieving growth and reconciliation.

The School Support Program is offered to young patients, where an education liaison supervises and supports them through their schoolwork. The education liaison also collaborates with the patient’s therapist to ensure they have the right environment in place for learning, which will in turn help them reintegrate into their school after treatment.

Our center works with Serene Waters Adventure Therapy to incorporate experiential therapy into our program’s treatment plan. Patients engage in mindfulness activities, have meaningful conversations with the group facilitator and participate in an experiential activity such as surfing. The group facilitator will design a theme for that activity and then discuss this with the patients prior to the activity and then again after the activity during the debrief. Patients have reported this as a helpful part of their overall recovery as they learned a new positive activity that they want to engage in for the future, learned a new way to think about their recovery or struggles, and have pushed themselves in a physically and emotionally uncomfortable way that made them feel more confident in themselves.

The facility is conveniently located right off the 405 freeway, close to the interchange between the 405 and 710, between Pasadena and Elm avenues in Long Beach.

Insurances we accept at this location include but are not limited to Kaiser, Humana, Cigna, and Unicare. Please remember that the insurances we accept change frequently. Our insurance team will verify your coverage. 


All genders
Ages 11-17


Dr. Michael Louie


Shelby Thirkill

Program Director

Blaise Eversole

Milieu Manager

Everest Robinson

Associate Therapist

Here’s What Patients Say After Completing Treatment*

  • 97% feel hopeful about their future*
  • 95% believe they can handle life after treatment*
  • 99% know what helps them get better*

“I came out of this program much stronger and more stable, with tools to help me in case I ever feel unstable again. I received more than adequate care here. I was given coping tools, the staff was very attentive and the groups were very helpful.” – B.W., former patient at DMA

“My daughter has made strides in this program and learned some invaluable coping skills. I highly recommend this program to other people who are suffering from mental health issues.” – T.W., parent of DMA alumni

*Percentage includes adult and adolescent patients who admitted to the Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program in 2021 (between 1/1/21 and 12/31/21) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS) (N = 2,278). Average length of stay is 34.2 days for those who completed treatment (did not discharge to a higher level of care, due to insurance, against treatment advice, transfer or administratively).

Support Group

Discovery Mood & Anxiety provides free support groups for individuals, loved ones, and professionals. Find out more about how to join our free support groups.

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance