By: Madeline Langham

Stack of pebbles on beach during sunset.
Move Into the New Year with Mindfulness

A new year is synonymous with change…right? We expect each year to bring something new and different – a new experience,…

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Journal on a wood table next to reading glasses and a pen.
Setting Mini Self-Care Goals for the New Year

Updated on 12/12/23 As the new year approaches, making resolutions becomes a common topic of conversation. Suggestions for resolutions are everywhere,…

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Two people talking in a therapy session.
How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works for Mental Health Treatment

Updated on 3/8/2023 Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a treatment for mental health that focuses on exploring relationships among a person’s…

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Daughter and mother sitting on porch in the backyard.
How Parents Can Support a Child’s Mental Health

Updated on 4/14/2023 As parents, it’s important to ensure that our children feel supported through each stage of development. While professional…

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Young man sitting next to wall with erratic scribbles on it.
Online Resources for Mental Health, Depression & Anxiety

Updated on 09/18/23 According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), nearly half of the 60 million people in the…

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Woman depressed in front of laptop computer
How Educators Can Spot Depression and Anxiety in Virtual Classrooms

For students, their parents and educators, the world of education has been turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many…

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A woman is using her phone while working on a laptop.
Does Screen Time Affect Mental Health?

Updated on 08/02/23 Today you can do almost anything from your smartphone. You can watch your favorite movie, read a new…

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People sitting on a dock with feet dangling over the water.
Preparing for a Socially Distant Summer with COVID-19

Beaches are slowly reopening, most pools have capacity restrictions and for many of us it’s safe to say that our plans…

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A man standing in front of the shadow of a man with muscular build.
How Striving for the Ideal Body Affects Male Mental Health

In our modern-day culture, unrealistic expectations around body appearance are rampant. We are exposed to the “ideal body” everywhere we look,…

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