25 Years of Quality Mental Health Disorder Treatment

Since 1997, Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program has provided thousands with evidence-based mental health disorder treatment. Let’s look at where we started and where we’re heading.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

At Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program, we are proud to have served thousands of teens and adults whose lives and families have been hurt by anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. We truly believe those who walk through our doors are more than their diagnosis and deserves treatment that is right for them. Through our ESTEEM System™, we provide patients with care that is multidimensional. For 25 years, we have worked tirelessly to make sure everyone has access to evidence-based, holistic therapies; various levels of care; school support for our adolescent patients; comprehensive family support; and an alumni program that is with former patients for life. We are so excited to continue helping people from all walks of life to thrive and reach their potential.


A Legacy of Recovery Success

We’re changing lives for good. Here are some patient data that tell the story of our alumni success rate*:

95% believe they can handle what happens in life.


96% believe they can meet their personal goals.


97% feel hopeful about the future.


97% have a plan for how to stay or become well.

*Percentage includes adult and adolescent patients who admitted to the Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program in 2021 (between 1/1/21 and 12/31/21) and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS) (N = 2,278).

Compassionate Care & Evidence-Based Treatment

When you’re in our care, you are surrounded by a team of compassionate experts guided by our Discovery ESTEEM System™. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Treatment modalities that include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance & commitment therapy (ACT) and medication management
  • Experiential therapy, such as art, music and equine (varies per location)
  • Mind-body connection philosophy that promotes emotional wellness through nutrition and meaningful movement
  • Educational support program for youth patients
  • Nurturing aftercare program that is with patients for life after receiving care
  • Free verification of insurance (we accept most major insurance)


Flashback to 1997

When Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program was starting, the world was quite different from today! Here’s a fun look at what was admired in pop culture 25 years ago:

Music – Top 5 Songs

1. “Candle in the Wind 1997” by Elton John
2. “You Were Meant for Me” by Jewel
3. “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans & 112
4. “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton
5. “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” by Puff Daddy & Mase

Movies – Top 5 Box Office Hits

1. Titanic
2. Men In Black
3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
4. Liar Liar
5. Air Force One

TV Shows – Top 5 Things to Watch

1. Seinfeld (NBC)
2. E.R. (NBC)
3. Veronica’s Closet (NBC)
4. Friends (NBC)
5. Touched By an Angel (CBS)

Sports – Top 5 Champions

1. World Series: Florida Marlins
2. Super Bowl XXXI: Green Bay Packers
3. NBA Championship: Chicago Bulls
4. Stanley Cup: Detroit Red Wings
5. U.S. Open Golf: Ernie Ells

The World Has Changed, But Our Dedication to Quality Care Hasn’t

While we have seen a lot of change at Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program in the last 25 years, our commitment to providing quality mental health disorder treatment has never wavered. Thank you for letting us be part of your life today and we look forward to many more years of helping people change their lives for the better.