Acceptance Commitment Therapy

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a theoretical orientation that helps clients learn how to accept the difficulties that come with life. This is a mindfulness-based therapy that helps clients:

  • Accept their reactions and be present
  • Choose a valued direction, and
  • Take action


ACT therapy includes teachings on the importance of mindfulness. Often taught in a group setting, these ACT meetings are intended to aid clients in learning to be in the moment, present in their bodies, complete with their thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness and grounding is regarded as one of the most important parts of therapy, as it is imperative to treatment that clients learn to be present with their whole selves to fully benefit from therapy.

When you don’t feel the need to escape the present moment, you are more able to deal with any emotions and conflict that might arise—without escaping. It is an exceptionally empowering part of recovery and extremely valuable for anyone with a mental health or substance use disorder.

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