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Why Discovery Mood & Anxiety?

Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program is unlike any other recovery program. Why? We believe in treating the whole person.

Our unique ESTEEM system™ provides multi-dimensional care that includes therapeutic programming, science-based nutrition, education reintegration, and complete family support.

As you know, clients are more than just their diagnoses. That’s why our comprehensive and robust treatment plan does more than address a client’s symptoms. We know that by digging a little deeper and going beyond standard procedures, we can uncover the root of what’s causing the condition—whether it’s a mental health concern or an issue with substance abuse.

In this way, recovery is more effective, more healing, and more lasting. It’s also behavioral, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

All approaches employ best practices and are evidence-based. And all staff members are specially-trained. They keep in contact with you to coordinate care and make sure treatments are thorough and appropriate.

So you can refer your clients with the confidence of knowing they’re receiving care at the highest level. And when they are ready to leave our care, we’ll ensure a seamless transition back to yours.

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Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance