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The demands of everyday life can be overwhelming, and we all have our share of bad days. However, if you feel depressed, anxious or out of control in your life and it’s negatively impacting your family, relationships, work, homelife, activities or interests, there may be something bigger going on. It could be depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma or other mental health condition that needs attention. It’s never too late to get proper care and finally heal.


At a Glance: Mental Health Disorders in Adults

With a mental health disorder, you can feel like you’re the only one in its grips. You’re not alone, though, because many adults struggle and many of them don’t receive care.

1 in 5

Adults in U.S. who experience mental illness each year


Adults in U.S. who get treatment for mental illness each year

1 in 25

Adults in U.S. who experience serious mental illness each year

11 years

Average time between symptom onset and getting treatment

Source: National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI)


Recover Your ESTEEM at Discovery

At Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program for adults, we design treatment that is tailored to your needs. We want to help you find your path, rebuild your confidence and give you lifelong coping skills to use after treatment so you can get your life back on track. With our Discovery ESTEEM SystemTM, you will begin to understand your illness and empower yourself to create a rewarding and fulfilling life.

We understand that as an adult, you have various responsibilities or even take care of others. That’s why we offer different levels of care, from outpatient treatment to around-the-clock service:

Individual and group therapies are available in these programs. We use evidence-based, trauma-informed treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and medication management, along with experiential therapies like music, art and more.

Learn about what to expect and see example schedules to get an idea of treatment at our centers.


Support After Treatment

Discharge planning starts on day one. When you finish treatment, aftercare is essential to the foundation for long-term recovery. Our alumni program—which includes an invite-only app—allows you to stay connected, receive support and focus on achieving your recovery goals. We also have programming for your loved ones to help them work through your reintegration back into their lives as you navigate the road to healing together.


Locations for Adult Programs

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Annapolis, MD Chino Hills, CA
Fairfax, VA Kansas City, KS
Maitland, FL Milwaukee, WI
Sherman Oaks, CA Temecula, CA


Get the Mental Health Care You Deserve

Deciding to get help for a mental health disorder is the first step to reclaiming joy in your life. With personalized treatment, supportive staff and a robust aftercare program, you can lead a productive, enjoyable and satisfying life. Contact Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program today for a brighter tomorrow.

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