What is Online Telehealth?

What is Online Telehealth for Mental Health Treatment?

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting our nation in many ways, including how mental healthcare providers are treating patients. In-person sessions and treatment programs are being replaced with virtual technology as a way to continue much-needed treatment that protects both providers and patients from the potential transmission of COVID-19. Enter the era of Online Telehealth treatment!



What is Online Telehealth Treatment?

At Discovery Mood & Anxiety, we are transitioning our in-person outpatient mental health treatment programs to Online Telehealth Treatment at our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization levels of care. While COVID-19 continues to be a national concern, we will be using a virtual telecommunications platform—called Zoom—for two-way, interactive therapeutic visits with patients and groups. In other words, your provider will meet with you via video teleconference or phone rather than sitting with you in person. 

You’ll also be able to participate in group sessions through Zoom videoconferencing. During groups, you’ll be able to see each other and talk, just like you would if you were in the same room. 



Why Online Telehealth Treatment?

Patient and staff safety will always be our top priority. During this time where we are socially distancing to help contain spread of the coronavirus, we want to do our part to minimize risk of infection. 

Typically, participants in our outpatient programs live at home and come into our centers for treatment. Online Telehealth keeps everyone safe while still continuing the important work of treatment of mental illness, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, and other mental health conditions



Is Online Telehealth Treatment secure?

It is! The Zoom technology we use meets HIPPA compliance guidelines. It’s why we’ve chosen this platform at Discovery Mood & Anxiety. 



Is Online Telehealth Treatment effective?

The National Center for Biotechnology (NCBI), after reviewing a number of studies has concluded that “telemental health care can provide effective and adaptable solutions to the care of mental illnesses universally.” 

Our Discovery Online Telehealth treatment program follows the same programming as our in-person outpatient programs, including one-on-one sessions with your therapist, group sessions, and family programming. 



How does Online Telehealth work?

Another reason we chose the Zoom platform is that it’s easy to use. All you need is a device with a camera, internet connection, and a quiet place for your sessions. You may also want to use headphones, which offers more privacy and a way to “shut out the world” and focus on your treatment program. Zoom works on both PC and Apple devices.

To get started, you will receive a link to download the free Zoom software onto your device. Then, for each session, you will receive a link for that session that you click to be taken into your virtual video or phone session. 



Online, Telehealth, Virtual Treatment – What’s the Difference?

Most likely, you’ve heard all these terms and may wonder if there’s a difference. Telehealth, while not a new way to deliver treatment services, has not been widely adopted until recently. There’s still some confusion about what to call it. Insurance companies use the term “telehealth” in their coding for reimbursements, which is why we have adopted Telehealth Treatment as our way of describing “virtual” or “online” treatment for our billable services.

We also offer free Online Support Groups for individuals impacted by mental illness also well as a group for their families. These are not therapeutic sessions, but rather a virtual space where participants can connect and support their peers. 



Is Online Telehealth Treatment covered by insurance?

Most commercial insurances and Tricare cover telehealth treatment at Discovery. When you call us, we’ll check your benefits for you. (Unfortunately, at this time we’re not able to accept Medicare or Medicaid.)


Let’s break the wall of isolation

Individuals struggling with mental illness tend to isolate. Our Online Telehealth treatment program provides you a way to safely and securely connect with a team who are committed to helping you overcome your challenges and learn new, healthier ways to cope. Please contact us today at 833-774-1438 so we can talk about how to best help you. You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here for you.

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