Patient Treatment Outcomes

Discovery is Changing Lives for Good

Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program truly works! Patients who complete treatment at Discovery Mood & Anxiety are more in control of their mental health, have a vision for their life and feel hopeful about their future.

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This assessment can help parents and guardians determine if their child may benefit from consulting with a mental health professional.

Our Treatment Outcomes Provide Transparency and Peace of Mind

We are among the first mental health care providers to report treatment outcomes. Using the Recovery Assessment Scale (RAS) quality-of-life measure, adult and adolescent patients admitted in 2022 who completed their recommended course of treatment demonstrated significant improvements in their ability to manage their illness and expressed hope for a brighter future.

Our treatment outcomes demonstrate the efficacy of treating the whole person through our innovative program that combines evidence-based therapies with science-based nutrition, educational and employment reintegration, and extensive family support across multiple levels of care.

Choose Discovery with Confidence

Selecting a mental health treatment program for you or a loved one is a big decision. It’s hard to know which program is truly effective. This is why we share our patient outcomes with you, so you will have even greater confidence that we are changing lives for good every day. At Discovery, we deliver on our promise of hope for a brighter future.


Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance

Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance