By: ChristineXP

How to Stay Calm During Quarantine

 My name is Christine Marie Frey. I am the founder of the new teen online mental health community and movement…

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How to Combat Overwhelming Emotions

We all experience emotions, and we all know the feeling when our emotions seem to be taking over us. It would…

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10 Characteristics of Mentally Strong Women

Our world is made up of so many incredible women, and so many amazing changes in our world are being made…

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10 Things Every Teen Should Know About Dealing with a Mental Health Issue

Challenges approach us every day in life. As teenagers, we often face challenges that revolve around relationships, sports, peer pressure, bullying,…

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Ways You Can Positively Use Social Media to Promote Mental Health

Mental health is worthy of powerful, positive conversations. Most of our media nowadays is focused on negativity in the world and…

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Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update