Celebrity Body Acceptance Spotlight Jennifer LawrenceCelebrity Body Acceptance Spotlight Jennifer Lawrence

A Celebrity’s weight is constantly under scrutiny by the media. Many celebrities who are already thin are Photoshopped to appear unrealistically thin in magazines and other forms of media and there is intense pressure to keep weight off.

Celebs Fight

This is why it is so refreshing when a celebrity fights back and refuses to play into the media’s demands. Enter Jennifer Lawrence, better known as Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games, a popular young adult book series and now blockbuster movie. Jennifer has made many public statements in favor of maintaining a healthy weight and exposing the fake images brought to us by Photoshop. Jennifer has stated that although her character in the Hunger Games is supposed to be malnourished due to low access to food in the post apocalyptic world, she would rather look like a “real person” and be a good example for her fans. She states that she is especially concerned that young girls will restrict food in order to look like her character.

Hollywood’s Ideas About Body Image

Earlier this year, a photo shoot that Jennifer participated in for Dior was given attention due to the Photoshopping of the actress. Many instantly recognized that this is not what the actress usually looked like. Jennifer commented on the photos saying “Of course they are Photoshopped, People don’t look like that!”

These attitudes and comments that Jennifer gives are so important in counteracting the usual messages given by celebrity culture and is part of what makes Jennifer Lawrence so relatable and great. She is in the position to be really influential to young adults due to her parts in the Hunger Games, and X-Men Origins, but the actress who states she can’t work if she is hungry, appears to be the perfect role model. This is why I am hoping that she continues to work and give positive messages to her fans which encourage a healthy view of our bodies. I also hope that she inspires other young actresses to follow her lead and see that they can be successful without conforming to Hollywood’s ideas about body image.




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