October is National Bullying Prevention month and according to statistics approximately 30% of students are bullied in school. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s office as well as many other law enforcement officers around the country said the biggest problem they see happening with cyberbullying is parents are simply not being aware of what kids are doing on social media and how vulnerable some young people make themselves by sending out personal photos or information on the web. Nick Kimball suggests above all pay attention. The media, school districts, and mental health organizations are raising awareness throughout the entire month of October and these organizations are a way great way to get involved and learn about bullying.

Stomp Out Bullying: “STOMP Out Bullying™ is the leading national nonprofit dedicated to changing the culture for all students. It works to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying, sexting and other digital abuse educates against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, racism and hatred, and deters violence in schools, online and in communities across the country. In this diverse world, STOMP Out Bullying promotes civility, inclusion, and equality. It teaches effective solutions on how to respond to all forms of bullying, as well as educating kids and teens in school and online. It provides help for those in need and at risk of suicide, and raises awareness through peer mentoring programs in schools, public service announcements by noted celebrities, and social media campaigns”.

Blue Shirt Day™ World Day of Bullying Prevention has a very clear vision – seeing kids and adults in solidarity across the globe in a sea of blue, making the first Monday of every October the day that bullying prevention is heard around the world.

Week of October 14th: Make with friends with someone you don’t know at school.
Week of October 21st: Participate in STAND UP for Others Week.
Week of October 28th: Our partnership with the RFK Foundation encourages students to participate on social media and hand out cards (available on the RFK Project SEATBELT website) while trick-or-treating on Halloween. The cards urge community members to sign an online bullying prevention pledge: to create environments of respect at home, at school, and in their community.

PACER’S National Bullying Prevention Center: PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) strives to enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities and their families. PACER is the original founder of National Bullying Prevention Month, which they started in 2006.

Thebullyproject: The Bully Project is an anti-bullying movement inspired by the award-winning documentary, “BULLY” which was released in 2011. Since the film was released, The Bully Project has created a bullying prevention curriculum for educators to help spark discussions with students. Throughout October, The Bully Project will host a number of anti-bullying events and screenings of “BULLY” throughout the country.

DoSomething.org – The Bully Text: DoSomething.org initiates national social change campaigns that allow 13-25 year-olds to make a difference by themselves, without needing money or help from a parent. From now through October 25, DoSomething.org is inviting young people to stand up to bullies through The Bully Text, a text messaging game that puts users in different bullying situations and allows them to decide how to react. If you who refer six friends to play the game, you’ll become eligible to win a $3,000 scholarship.