School Support Program

Focus on Recovery & Studies with the School Program

If you are a parent or guardian to an individual trying to work through a mental health disorder, you have extra weight on your shoulders: you want them to get the much-needed treatment they need but don’t want it to be at the expense of their school work. Enter the Discovery Mood & Anxiety School Support Program. We will focus on the mental health recovery that will target the future success at school for years to come.

School Support Program Philosophy

At Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program, we treat mental health disorders in a real-life setting which includes continued focus on academic success for our adolescent patients. Coupled with our Discovery ESTEEM System™, we build confidence in young learners who may have struggled with their studies when trying to cope with mental health and social issues. In the School Support Program, patients can expect:

  • Allotted blocked-off time for school work within the residential and partial hospitalization treatment programs
  • Supervision and support from an on-site education liaison (outside tutors are welcome to schedule time with patients as well)
  • A small student-to-staff ratio
  • A school reintegration plan individualized to your child’s needs
  • A safe and clean environment that’s compliant with our own COVID Clean Commitment policy, modeled after CDC recommendations
  • Virtual sessions to adhere to local guidelines when needed (varies by location)

A Day in the Life of the School Support Program

Our schedule creates a great balance between personalized treatment, group therapy and time to study. Here’s a sample of what a day in the residential School Support Program may look like (schedules vary by program, as well as by region):

Morning to mid-morning

  • Group mealtime
  • Individual treatment
  • Education block


  • Group mealtime
  • Group therapy
  • Education block


  • Group mealtime
  • Extracurricular activity and/or family session
  • Homework block

Stay on Track with Our School Support Program

We pride ourselves in being a champion for mental health disorder recovery and keeping patients on track to meet their education needs. Our low patient-to-staff ratio, dedication to safety, personalized care and ESTEEM System approach make the School Support Program the ideal environment for the child in your life. We’re here to help them reach all their recovery goals for a lifetime of success.

For more information about the School Support Program, call 714.828.0808.

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