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Choosing a Short-Term Summer Program For Your Teen

School’s out for summer; whether your child is in elementary school or college, as a parent, summer is a season to…

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Why Does My Teenager Battle with Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is simply how you feel about yourself and how you judge your worth. This evaluation has a profound impact on…

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Working in the Food Industry with an Addiction

Whether it is chopping fresh vegetables, picking out raw meat, preparing a delicate chocolate dessert or serving a patron a delicious…

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How Perfectionism Drastically Differs From OCD

Do you obsessively organize the clothes in your closet by color? Keep a color-coordinated calendar of all your upcoming tasks including…

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The Rising Cost of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in the United States

The United States spends approximately $113 billion dollars per year on mental health care and $600 billion dollars per year on…

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Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update