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How To Find Virtual Support For Mental Health While Social Distancing

Feeling cut off from one’s support network can be scary. For those who’ve come to embrace and depend on our communities…

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Black Friday and Anxiety

Going shopping on Black Friday can be sensory overload. People waiting in line for that “I just have to have it!”…

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The Rising Mental Health in the Elderly:National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day falls each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day, and this year it will fall on September…

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Suicide Prevention Statistics: World Suicide Day September 10, 2019

September 10th is world suicide prevention day, an awareness day that is recognized around the world to remember those affected by…

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What’s Eating Our Patients? The Link Relationship between Trauma and Eating Disorders

Although the evidence to suggest that eating disorders (ED) have a biological basis has been described as irrefutable (e.g., Strober &…

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Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update