Outpatient Treatment Programs

What is Outpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Outpatient (OP) treatment is a lower level of care; meaning that it does not require hospitalization, around the clock monitoring or even overnight stays. Outpatient treatment consists of hour-long individual therapy with no group meetings.  Outpatient treatment does not have a minimum or maximum requirement for visits.

What can I Expect in Outpatient Treatment?

During outpatient with us, you’ll start to experience even more flexibility. At many locations, for example, clients who work or go to school may be able to attend program during evenings and the weekends. The goal of outpatient is to allow clients to shift the majority of their time back to their life outside treatment, utilizing outpatient to continue the work on those areas where they need additional therapy or skills practice.

What Level of Care is Right for You?

Call us today at 714.828.0808 so we can learn about you and help you start your recovery journey. Our specialists will work with you to identify the appropriate level of care and location that’s right for you. We are here for you every step along the way.

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Preferred In-Network Provider for All Major Health Insurance