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Depression Quotes

“Imagine if we obsessed about the things we love about ourselves?” Mental health disorders, including depression, are just the opposite. Whether…

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Bipolar Spectrum Disorder, What are Bipolar Symptoms?

Bipolar spectrum disorder involves a wide range of signs and symptoms that can vary in severity. These symptoms may include mood…

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Bipolar Disorder in Children

When a child has bipolar disorder, they experience extreme shifts in mood in behaviors that can result in a high, known…

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Bipolar Depression Myths and Facts

Bipolar affective disorder or manic-depressive illness is a mood disorder characterized by periods of profound depression that alternate with periods of…

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In the News: America’s First Successful Face Transplant Gives New Hope to a Suicide Survivor

Successful Face Transplant Gives New Hope to a Suicide Survivor There are many stories in the news of suicide survivors, some…

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DASH Diet Could Cut Depression

The DASH Diet and Depression A study from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that individuals who followed the DASH…

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Common Medical Illnesses That Mimic Depression

Who is Affected? Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a type of depressive disorder that affects more than 15 million adults in…

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Withdrawal Effects of Quitting Antidepressants

It is quite common to hear stories of individuals who are trying to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction to…

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6 Tips & Tricks on how to combat Holiday Blues

The holiday season can hold great expectations for any individual or family who partakes in them. Oftentimes there is a family…

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Famous You Tuber Loses His Life to Mental Illness

29-year-old Desmond Amofah, a popular YouTuber known as “Etika”, was found dead in the East River in New York after posting…

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