At Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program, our focus is on treating the client as an individual, meeting each person right where they are when they come to us. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery.

As part of that approach, we don’t mix milieus. What that means is that an adolescent, for example, will be in a center with other adolescents dealing with similar conditions. Adults are treated alongside adults. This way, clients are allowed to be in a group setting of peers that are struggling with the same issues. Clients addressing mental health concerns are in specific locations, while other facilities are designed for those with substance use and abuse issues.

Family therapy is a required component of our program. We know that family plays a large role in the client’s recovery—both in-treatment and after discharge from the center. That’s why we include two family sessions per week, along with family group and therapeutic passes.

At all Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program locations, we offer dietary support. It’s part of our commitment to treating the whole person and not just the diagnosis. You see, nutrition plays an important role in mood, behavior, and overall wellbeing. So we include education about diet in every one of our programs.

If a client is in school, we offer 20 hours of school time each week. However, our focus is on addressing the underlying issues that are keeping the client from participating in school now. We want each client to be successful in school, and we know that won’t happen until those issues are addressed. It’s just another part of our whole-person approach to treatment.

Another point of differentiation here is the amount of structure we provide as well as our focus on the development of coping skills. Our clinical staff is quite varied in its interventions and conceptualization, so we can assess and provide varying approaches as needed. We work to ensure that the client is held accountable and supported through their treatment work in a setting conducive to improvement.

The ultimate goal? Recovery that extends well beyond a stay with us. We work toward genuine healing and success. For life.