Mother and daughter looking at laptop of loved ones on online call next to Christmas tree.

Anxiety, Zoom Gatherings and the Holidays

Hey, guys! My name is Christine Marie Frey, also known as Christine XP. I am the founder of the new and...

Patient and therapist sitting together both with masks on.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works for Mental Health Treatment

When an individual struggles to function on a daily basis due to a mental health disorder, treatment is a crucial step...

how to deal with anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety Over the Unknown

Hey guys! My name is Christine Marie Frey also known as Christine XP. I am the founder of the new and...

Side view of scared businessman in suit holding paper bag and sitting on floor during conference.

What Is Performance Anxiety?

It is Monday morning and you are asked to present a new project that you’ve been working on at the upcoming...

Stressed black woman sitting on couch next to Christmas tree.

Facing Holiday-Associated Trauma

Note to reader: The content of this article is specifically for those with a history of trauma or trauma-related diagnoses. It’s...

Jack-o-lantern with a mask sitting on a porch.

Positive Halloween Costumes + How to Celebrate During COVID-19

 Hey, guys! My name is Christine Marie Frey, also known as Christine XP. I am the founder of the new...

Boy student e-learning with teacher and classmates on computer in living room at home.

Can Bullying Happen in Online Classrooms?

Fall 2020 is well underway and most students have returned to some form of schooling. Whether your child has returned to...

Stars and stripes 2020 banner.

5 Tips to Overcome Anxiety about This Year’s Election

November 3rd is quickly approaching, which means that our National Election Day is just around the corner. This may be one...

Daughter and mother sitting on porch in the backyard.

How Parents Can Support a Child’s Mental Health

As parents, it’s important to ensure that our children feel supported through each stage of development. While professional intervention can be...

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